Who is Artist SinGh?
I am a well-known as  the inventor of LatroArt painting and drawing, a holder of several world records, a TV producer, the author of X the ArtPrize and the soon-to-be published My Experiments with Art, and the founder of Artist SinGh Academy, which provides artists with comprehensive training programs in art marketing and personal development.
My lucky break came when I made about $700,000 with the World’s Longest Painting, and I made a similar amount with the World’s Longest Drawing. Today, I value my unique signature paintings at over $10,000 and I am blessed to  have collectors, including a long list of new millionaires, all over the world. 
My artistic philosophy
My relationship with art stems from my confidence and skills in the visual arts. My exhibitions go beyond flat, two-dimensional paintings on canvas. I engage my body, mind, and spirit in projects I undertake. I have literally buried myself for hours while creating a piece. And sometimes I have stood on top of my own sculptures for long periods of time to create art. My philosophy has been to test my artistic skills while putting my body through stress.
Ken Livingston, a Kalamazoo photographer, believes me to be a truly international person who has gained a unique perspective on life. This perspective is the foundation of my “inner balance,” the place from which my art is generated.
I have experimented with many artistic techniques during my career, but I have especially fallen in love with my own invention—a unique technique called LatroArt. I developed LatroArt after being inspired by the latrodectus, better known as the black-widow spider. LatroArt allows the viewer to experience the energy emitted by repetitive line patterns. 
Over the years, I have captured all kinds of subjects, but what really intrigues me is a challenge. I always strive for excellence. Every work that I produce is the result of creative freedom. What’s more, every canvas born of my creative impulse is not only a depiction of the outer world, but also a reflection of my inner world.