Artist SinGh TV Producer

Joann Steward, Rick Rice and John Cox

I have been in TV business since 2003. I started producing my own show called Singh Art Show that ran for two year on  local cable channel 18 Michigan. I played the role of producer, director, talent, and artist all in one man show.

In 2015 I produced Artist SinGh Show that ran for two years on local channel 23. I played a role of a director and producer. The show was hosted by John Cox and co-hosted by Joann steward and Rick Rice.

Current Show: 2018

Now I am producing show for my YouTube Channel called Artist SinGh. 

My Cause

I paint for social, economic, and political welfare of the people. The show aims to highlight the social, economic and or political issues. I contribute my share by resolving some of these issues and I encourage others to do same.
The Idea
The plot is to film the given issue and make a painting about it to mark history. The painting is then auctioned away for charity to help the issue on hand.  I believe if everyone contributes a little bit to the society the world will be a better place. 

My mission: 

My mission is to educate myself and share the knowledge with all.